History of Oluyole




            The local government is a political division of a nation ( in a federal or state system) which is constitutional by law and has substantial control of local affairs including the power to impose taxes to exact labour for prescribed purposes. Its functions are however numerous and they include it been involved in the establishment and maintenance of ceremonies, naming of roads, registration of birth, deaths and marriages among several other functions and also in the making of recommendations to a state commission on economic planning or any similar body on the economic development  of the state particularly in so far as the areas of authority of the council and the state affected and for proposals made by the said commission or body.

Oluyole Local Government just like any other local government at Oyo State follows to the latter the autonomy and the expected reforms that it’s supposed to follow. Over the past couples of years which includes the construction of modern public toilet and drilling of bore holes at three major markets, asphaltic tarring of roads, construction of public toilets, construction of single cell reinforced box culverts, repairs and renovation of classrooms, construction of boreholes, grading of roads, construction of health centers which were achieved within the time frame of a year.

The area of agriculture and food security in Oluyole Local Government is of great concern and is known to be limited as its faced with various challenges in terms of machinery and equipment for modern farming, irrespective of all these, the community is still known for practicing farming even with limited equipment to practice and it produces and sells farm products such as cassava, maize, cocoa, kolanut, vegetables, cashew, marginal livestock products etc. all of these however can be enhanced with agricultural projects facilitated with investments which will help bridge the gap to the challenges faced by Oluyole Local Government.

In Oluyole Local Government, there are over 100 companies among which are Eagle flour mills, British American tobacco, Rom oil, Nampak Nig Ltd, Lafarge cement and so on.

The local government is also blessed with land mass and various mineral resources.